Nothing No One Never Everything


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released March 16, 2017

Damian R. Master : Guitar & Voice



all rights reserved


A Pregnant Light


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Track Name: Slashed Face
pouring coffee for me
she gave me a smile

such a pretty girl
turned to the side
protecting herself from the stares
such a pretty girl
with such a deep scar

just below her eye
down her cheek
to her mouth
a white scar

I leaned into the counter
every eye in every booth on me

“ what monster cut up that sweet angel “
“ no one deserves that “
“ such a shame, a shame. “
“ she’s still so pretty, but… what a shame “

she motioned me to the back,
I followed her through the kitchen
sliced bread and beaten eggs

through the door
now outside
three hours past midnight

she reached over my shoulder
kissed my neck
her arms slid down my broad back
and from my back pocket
she pulled my blade

with her hands in prayer
she unfolded my knife
her scripture
the blade, her bible

blood raised in her veins
a choir of angels

feet together
and head down

her hands reach for mine
she slides me the blade
while she softly cries

Her voice - barely a whisper
yet steady and sure

she says
“ take me to heaven”
and turns her virgin cheek to me

I raise the blade,
because after all -
this is how saints are made.
Track Name: How Many Fingers Across How Many Hands?
Inside every truth
God’s sacred clock
the moment is marked
along the wheel of time

here it stops
and there it starts
between then, is now
and now always dies

fire falling from the mouth
water poured out from his side

gather around my body
lift away this pain
how many fingers
across how many hands
will pray for my soul today?
Track Name: Forever, Amen
Forever, Amen
Forever, Amen

Forever -

Forever, Amen

and ever
and ever


Track Name: I Won't Stop
From my birth
until the day I became I man

From then to this instant
I have never stopped

Everything inside me turns
every word from my mouth is heard

it’s quiet some days
give me your time

I have been forced to lie
to protect the truth

If worlds can be made
if a promise can be kept

if you listen to secrets
if you keep them well

I might die tomorrow
or at the end of this song

Remember me:
I won’t stop.
Track Name: Suicide Song
Softly and tenderly
Jesus is calling
Calling for you and for me
Softy and tenderly
Jesus is calling
Calling, O’ Sinner
Come home

All my life
Every second
I was told
and I believed

Fear and trembling
pride and lust
blindness and hate
terror and shame

burning gold
so that I might touch his altar
on this earth

I believe
I see
I cannot reach
I can only feel

Softly and tenderly
Jesus is calling
Though we have sinned
he has mercy and pardon
pardon for you and for me

First and last stanza by W.L. Thompson, 1880.
Track Name: Your Mouth Is A Drain
your hands
are broken

your teeth
are shrieking

your tongue
is empty

your skin
is dying

your eyes
are sinking

your heart
is bleeding

your back
is teething

your chest
is caving

your legs
are breaking

your hips
are hollow

your feet
are swallowed

but your mouth
your mouth is a drain

your mouth
is a drain

your mouth is a drain

no one nothing never
and everything

your mouth
is a drain