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My Game Doesn't Have A Name

by A Pregnant Light

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Altars of Radness
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Altars of Radness [Damian Master's] style has become something completely unclassifiable both by conventional descriptors and newly coined ones. The infectious post-punk-riffs-meet-black-metal-tremolo melodies and impeccable songwriting of past EPs and splits are present as ever on “Dream Addict” and the catchy Johnny Marr leads on “Fresh Flower Offering (Purple Night).”

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brantly I have a feeling the winter of '15 will see an awful lot of this LP on my turntable. Taking the band's unique purple metal sound and refining it even further, it's a tremendous mix of anthemic post-hardcore, genuine rock n' roll, minor shades of mid-tempo black metal, and catchy-as -sin songwriting...outstanding!
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If you drive down a dark highway in the middle of the night with the windows down you’ll grow wings you’ll lift up and take off into the sky I know because I’ve done it I’ve flown through every midnight and touched unreachable arcs Just to fall back down to earth, spit from the sky into the mouth of a waiting world Something has me by the back of my shirt I wanted to see, didn’t know if I could Can I place mine beside yours? Let’s make a promise when the leave this world We will go together we will walk through mirrors and be like diamonds clearer and clearer dead before thirty to stay forever in my twenties I will not be on my knees when the reaper comes I’ll be two steps ahead My love is over all I found a simple way to keep myself alive I turn the key I lock the doors and I start to drive I am young, I am proud, I am running out of time We will go together we will walk through mirrors and be like diamonds clearer and clearer will you believe the myth or will you become the myth?
Born To Ruin 04:17
Shake my glass remember the past it wasn’t that long ago it feels like years though First time in a bar in a town you don’t know everyone’s a cop or criminal or some mix of both Chase the light to the edge of the knife I’ve heard it’s the only way to keep things alive Just to see if they flinch do they care if they die? Is it worth the redemption? do you think that I would lie? Go on, try me - I wasn’t made to fail I was born to ruin to derail and prevail Sick of hearing excuses Sick of hearing your voice Where you die is your business Don’t make it mine Wrap me in the flag bury me deep this body is worthless my spirit needs sleep over the limit over the line born to ruin born to die The things that I believe will mean everything in the end I know it’s the truth because it tells me so It shows me in ways I could never describe and still the true revelation hides from my eyes.
Dream Addict 03:01
Fell asleep in the summer storm merciful heavens girl in bed Wrapped in white she sleeps forever she dreams of gold she dreams of me She's a burning cross on the White House lawn. I don't know what it means, I just know it's a lot Screaming like the panther on the inside of my arm she’s been known to tear, she’s been known to claw With the grace and poise of a pavement saw I cut through your heart and into your head and there I live and there you dream where we are happy where we rest in sheets It’s not easy the path we choose to walk Drive past the places we see in sleep You’ve seen me there, if only in dreams Where I took my first taste, where I broke the wheel Endless // infinite // eternal I want to fall asleep again. You saw me in your dream you close your eyes and see these things sweat the Royal Crown right out of my hair Dutch viper bite me on my ear.
Baby will never look as good as she looks right now I’ll get better with age I’ll be silver and strong She will fade like the seasons and will never return I see rows of golden crosses I see the things we never learn The world as we know it is fleeting (at best) hardly news to anyone yet still we forget I will burn this second in my memory so I know it’s true even though I’m not sure it is it’s enough to make me think it’s enough to make me believe That this time is something I can truly understand while my heart still beats while my blood runs red I am endless I’ll always drive fast if I crash I want to die after all there’s not much for me here So I will yearn for the world that’s beyond. To see if it ended as it began.
One candle two flames one snake two names I know you’ve probably heard things about me they were true but I promise I’ve changed If you could keep only one memory of me what would it be? A unique beauty in American suffering to my pain to my promise to my name my game won’t change won’t break won’t burn or be touched by rain I can’t go there, or say the name There is a light there, but it’s different than I think A way - make a way for me make a way for me a way in you One day I’ll disappear and I’ll never come back that’s what disappear means don’t forget that.
Always the one to never say no. Had to leave everyone behind. I love the way you walk beside me If your love was enough would it stop this madness? Some things seem too cruel to be true, like the death of a child or the fading of youth Love smells like blood and tastes like it too I told you everything you need to know about me 24-hour truck stop poetry write a line see a line feel alive with me I’m the best and brightest you’ve ever seen - and the last man you’ll ever need I like your cherry cheeks and your strawberry blood your vanilla skin and how you’re never enough I take one bite Still need more I’ll tie you up and let you know how all of this is supposed to go. I wouldn’t trade this sprig of lavender for anything I would never turn away your floral offering so precious so fragrant bend beneath the trees Find myself on midnight’s streets purple flower wreath.
Found to be guilty by a jury of my alleged peers young angry and bored so terribly bored I have nothing to show you nothing to see between you and me there’s a lot I’ve thrown away the important things, you’ll never see Digging through the trash in my wake you’ll find nothing so stop looking the secrets are here in the songs I sing The first few years will be the hardest Asleep, but someone still watching I’m so sorry I was something to many - but even still, nothing to many more I was a beautiful boy once Handsome, sweet, charming and smart I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, but I have to go. You know that I had to go Somewhere over the sun Somewhere over the rain Who wouldn’t want a circle of crying women praying over their body? Crescent moon tiger-striped by clouds Fell apart on my way back home I’ll meet at “only then” feels good to be good work can be so much fun Songs to be heard when the blessing has come you said “when your job is done, my job is done.”
You cut me from a magazine I didn’t know that I was in you saw me and gently traced the frame With scissors and glue at the table alone you could make anything but you’ve got business to attend to I knew you were sad I knew you weren’t you You were searching for someone You didn’t know who I removed some chains and added some new It’s the way you need to be I’m the the one you are bound 2 Life is just another thing to lose in a cluttered room but you know, you don’t have to I hit you because you wanted me to Can’t tell anyone unless it’s in song The truth is I wanted hit to you with all that I had just to see where you’d break Save it for the day when the summer fades and the roads are closed Save it for the heart the one you wear the one you guard I never set out knowing exactly where we would go I just knew somehow it was some place that we had never been before I could never leave now that I’m here it’s enough to make me think it’s where I was before I was born Still, we know this is not eternity My circle my promise around my neck forever If I should fall from this place this mark will keep me safe.
Purple Light 04:16
I have walked through the mouth of the windowless body. Where all is clean, where souls remain still, no longer seeking the deep place. Now, the darkness has left me, and slowly I become one with the purple light. And all evil is now bound by great shackles that cannot be broken. The endless beauty. The gift of holy knowledge, the matchless wonder the colorless flame. There is a massive horizon. The light extends infinitely right and left. As high as heaven and spread far below the earth's roots. The deep reds of the morning, the cool greens of the night. There is no absence. Total presence. There is no gate, no gatekeeper. No key, no lock, no secrets. Even the void takes on definition. Earth takes it's place among the cosmos and and all darkness recedes. The light unending. The soft, but blinding light. Nothing can be seen. All senses stripped away. Naked receiver. Holy blessings. In that place, the firmament shudders in the wake of the Great One flexing his powerful arms. The sky is wrung out like a cloth soaked with water. The souls of every living being, all creatures that have taken breath, since the creation of life, are wrung out from the black and into a canyon, thousands of years deep. There, a great golden bowl containing the purifying fire is tipped, and its fire floods the canyon. Many will cry out. All will suffer. Torment by fire, all will burn, yet none will be consumed. A woman walks the rim of the canyon. She is pregnant and a great beam of light emanates from her womb. The child will be born. She will cry out sourly in her great pain. The child must go to fire. The child must be given to flame. And by this great sacrifice, those of the canyon who seek the light, shall be saved. They will rise, unscathed, and be sent into the peaceful place. The child grows from babe to hunter in the fire. He prowls and knows only death and heat. His mother's cool touch and soft skin are distant memories. No souls will be destroyed. All will pay for the sins they've hung on the neck of that Old One. The greatest spirit. He that is without beginning or end. An ouroboros. An infinite being, twisting among the molecular structure of the creation which he has created. All powerful (holy blessings) his name cannot be said (holy blessings). The shapeless face familiar only to spirit. A world without eyeballs to see or ears to hear. A mysterious prism, a geometric anomaly, a shape unseen, a shape unfathomable. It precedes dimensions and holds to no description other than truly awesome. Beyond the pages of histories unwritten and oceans of soul-matter and sound, a song is raised in infinite round. Naked receiver. Holy blessings. Those who have tortured the meek and cast wrath on the righteous will fall forever. An endless fall into haunted blackness. Hope becomes a beating pulse and rises slowly in the chests of those who have been forced into submission. Forgotten. The hands of heaven. The cloaks of angels. The beautiful abyss. Eternity is now.


Released on LP/CD/CS by Colloquial Sound Recordings.


released November 22, 2014

All music and lyrics by Damian R. Master


all rights reserved



A Pregnant Light


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