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Beast About b​/​w Germanicus

by A Pregnant Light

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Beast About 03:12
Are you tired of wandering Aren’t you sick of wondering If the stretched out stones Along the road lead to homes Or graves or nowhere at all Let’s go riding Lets get higher Tie one on and burn a tire Drag you back to wake me up And stand around the beat up gas pump I’m gonna beast about And shuffle all my feathers Crack this skull like dried out leather I’m gonna beast about I’m gonna feel you out Right and rosy Dead in your mouth What a world in which we live Where time rolls by as do our sins If I was alive enough to see your face You’d be awake enough to scream and run (and I’ll only tell you one time) Life is running on me The needle dancing on E I don’t want to be the one to tell the other one Found the broken glass on the rainy street I don’t want to be the one to take that phone call Rise and shine my love The sun’s retired for us It’s light enough under this pale blue new moon Life is running on me Death is over my knee Can we make it feel the way we did when we were young and free I’m going to beast about ’Til I’m exhausted thoroughly Turn your hands Palm up 
Face down Eyes up
Germanicus 04:19
Wickedness can do so well Full of hope and heart in swell I know everything about you Promised that I’d never tell Righteousness beside the well Cast her down into the swell I know about your secret place I’ve seen the fields turn into hell Meaningless! Meaningless! All your words are treasonous! Ride inside the storm dare I? Break a man for less than this Meaningless! Meaningless! Ever seen me get as mean as this? Just get dressed Just get dressed Hide before I change my mind Ten to one I tore them down Overthrown in blood and bone Ten to one I make you mine Over time you’ll change your mind I got this You hold this Give me one more gentle kiss What I mean is this: You’re meaningless You are my Caligula I’m never getting rid of ya


For 1/08. One-thing, no-thing, and every-thing.


released January 8, 2022

Written, performed, produced, and recorded by: Damian Master.

Sleeve photo: милая


all rights reserved



A Pregnant Light


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